My first half moon

Now that I’m really getting into this nail art thing, I’m finally catching up with all the trends and even if I’m a few months behind I’m still super keen on trying and wearing what are new things to me. After researching tutorials on how to do a half-moon mani, I went to my local drug store and picked out two new gorgeous colors: Essie Sole Mate and Revlon Gold Coin. I just love the metallic shine of Gold Coin and the contrast with the deep Sole Mate. I also had to make a pit stop at the dollar store to pick up binder reinforcements. Who knew these little circle things could be so amazing!

Here is the end result:

If you plan to try this out with the reinforcement method, my tip for you is to really wait until the polish dries before peeling off the stickers or some of the polish at the edge will want to peel off as well.

I learned how to do my half moon from cutepolish, who is one of my most fave YouTube nail gals. I really recommend checking out her channel, she has the most simple and straightforward way of showing how to do the designs. I get really impatient with some of the tutorials out there, I don’t want to see you paint your whole hand, just show me how it’s done on one nail! Please?

Who and what are some of your fave nail blogs and tutorials?


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