Hello, my name is Emily and I live in Vancouver, Canada. And I might be addicted to nail polish, and chips.

When I was a little girl, I watched my mom paint her nails and was simply amazed at how her hands would transfrom from normal to dazzling. But when I asked if I could paint mine, it was always the same answer, “No.” I don’t think I really painted my nails until university!

Now I’m a grown gal who can afford my own manis (professional or DIY) and I can take all time I want to practice the art of polish and nail designs, which is turning out to be an addiction and tough learning curve.

My other hobby is eating chips. My favorites are Hardbite Salt ‘n Vinegar and Lays Ketchup. After a DIY mani, you can find me sitting on my couch wishing my nails would hurry up and dry so I can grab some chips. You may find a post or two about crisps in here, but it’s mostly about the lacquer.

Yup, chips and nail polish. Two of the many things that make me happy :)

I really believe that “honest is the best policy” so I’ll admit right now that many of the designs on my blog are not of my own imagination. I’ve only started experimenting with nail polish not too long ago so I still rely on a lot of tutorials and blogs for inspiration. BUT I’d be super flattered if you’d like to share my photos, I only ask that you please leave the watermark and link back to my site if you can. The love will be returned, I promise!

I hope you like my little blog and happy polishing!


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