Happy Chinese New Year and cheers to all my dragon friends out there!

OF COURSE I had to do a Chinese New Year (CNY) manicure! Initially, I wanted to paint a dragon since it’s the year of the dragon, but I didn’t think my amateur skills could handle it. They probably would’ve looked more like worms than dragons anyway.

I thought about the colors and theme I wanted to incorporate, which was easy because CNY is all about red and gold, and decided to focus on gold cherry blossoms with a red base and create something special on my ring fingers. The polishes I chose are Revlon Gold Coin, China Glaze China Rouge (how appropriate!), and Witchcraft’s nail art striper in black.

Like mose Asian families, my Chinese family has many superstitions passed down from our ancestors. According to the believers, certain foods, words, colors, and gestures can affect one’s path in life. One of the most prosperous and popular words in Chinese is “fook” (褔), which means fortune, luck, and happiness. (Who knew one little character could have such a positive significance?) Many Chinese families or businesses will hang a poster with the “fook” character upside down so fortune will “fall” upon them. I thought this would be the perfect special something to paint on my ring fingers, especially since they’ll be upside down when I look at my own hands. Plus, it is one of the easier Chinese characters I can paint free-hand by both hands lol. Yes, you can bet there was a lot of practice involved.

Here is a stylized version of the character…

And here are my good luck nails!

I am super happy with my creation. It only took me 40 minutes from start to finish and I perfected the “fook” character on the first attempt on both hands. As you can guess, I am very pleased and impressed with myself. :)

Beyond all the nail polish, I want to wish everyone (including all non-Lunar calendar friends) a very prosperous year with plenty of love, happiness, and good health. Happy New year and 恭喜發財!

In May 2011, our dear Vancouver Canucks made it into the NHL Stanley Cup finals, facing the Boston Bruins. Everyday the city was erupting with excitement and every restaurant and bar in town was tuned into the game. If you didn’t watch hockey before, you certainly did now.

One evening my boyfriend and I were watching a game at home and during commercial break, I looked down at my nails and thought in major shame, “Wow, chipped polish, how classy.” I usually don’t let myself get lazy, but somehow this mani got to be 3 days too old. I quickly removed the red and thought about what to do next while going through my basket of polishes (which, at that time, only contained boring reds and pinks).

Then, it happened: the Canucks scored the final goal, ending the game and my boyfriend jumped from the couch, screaming. I thought to myself, it’s been 17 years since the Canucks made it this far into the play-offs, it’s time to show my support and the lightbulb went on.

I wanted to wear the orange, yellow, and black colors from the older Canucks jerseys, because it was the uniform they wore back in ’94, but the skate logo was far too complicated:

So I decided to go with the vintage “V” jersey, which I’ve always loved. Simple without being too understated.

And after a quick trip to the store to pick up supplies, here is the end result:

Looking back at this pic, I feel super accomplished that I was able to draw the yellow and orange lines free-hand. I didn’t know about the tape method back then. On the flip side, I’m super embarrassed about the dry cuticles and slight mess up on the index finger, but it was my first time and now I’m hooked! I used Rimmel Black Satin, Revlon Make Mine Mango, and Witchcraft Nail Art in Yellow to create this.

What’s your favorite sports team and have you paid tribute to them on your nails?