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Hello! This is my first Nail Files post, where I’ll feature the nails of a fellow mani fanatic. My premier feature is Megan, who is an awesome colleague of mine. We haven’t been working together for very long, but we instantly bonded over our love for nail polish. :)

Last week Megan told me about her planned girls night with her fellow gal pal and they were going to try out the Kiss Nail Dress decals. I’ve never used them myself, but have always seen them at the drug stores, so I was curious to see how they would compare to the Sally Hansen Salon Effects. One thing I noticed about the Kiss decals is the amount of bling options they have. I was excited to see which artwork Megan would be using on her nails.

If you haven’t used nail decals before you gotta give them a try. They’re the best when you’re in a hurry and forget to do your nails for a vacation or party. You can honestly even do them in the car on your way to an event! I love that you can have nail art on your fingers within 10 minutes and they stick on to your nails really well, strong enough to last up to 10 days. The best part is the removal process, all you need is regular nail polish remover and the decals come of with total ease. If you’d like to see a video on how to apply the nails, check out the Kiss Nail Dress website here.

So the day after Megan’s nail party she came to my desk and flashed her amazing hot pink leopard fingers… and toes! I never thought of using these for my feet and they are sooooo cute especially for sandals in the summer time. How adorable and fun!

I’m really excited to share more Nail Files posts with everyone! Lady friends, don’t be surprised if I ask to take a picture of your nails the next time I see you!

And thank you Megan for taking off your shoes for me!


HOLY CRAP I can’t believe it’s been 6 weeks since I’ve posted. I had some really amazing birthday nails, but I didn’t have the time to post them up. Hopefully I still have the photos somewhere on some wireless device.

My boyfriend and I went to a friend’s wedding in Toronto last week and we decided to make a mini trip out of it and stay for 5 days. I was planning on doing something fun to represent the bride and groom as they’re some of our closest friends, but as per usual, I ran out of time and decided to go for a boring pink.

I was suddenly inspired tonight and opted for a random pattern mani with shades of purples (including pink and grey) and came up with what you see here.

Nothing too fancy, just some random patters and splash of glitter. :)

Whats your favorite color to theme with right now?


OMG I am an awful blogger. It’s taken me way too long to write a new post. Apologies to my 0.5 followers.

This mani started out a simple v-split paint job with Color Club’s Nomadic in Nude as the base, which I used to paint several coats. When the base dried, I taped the V shapes that I wanted using masking tape then painted on VooDoo You Do to create the dark contrast. I love this look. It went well with everything I wore and I think they were good season color choices during this in-between period as we wait for spring to arrive.

A week later, while I was sitting on my couch watching TV, I looked at my mani during commercials and wondered if I should scrap them and do something new or…? Then suddenly a big wave of laquer inspiration hit me! I remembered that I had purchased a string of ball chains from the Japanese dollar store and decided to trim the V’s with them.

The chain came in one long strand so I had to measure each side of the V’s, cut them, then used a clear top coat to glue them on. I think they look quite beautiful, don’t you? Too bad they lasted about an hour before they all fell off as I changed from sweat pants to jeans. So sad. :(

Does anyone have suggestions on what to use to glue things onto nails? I’m afraid to use nail glue because I feel like it might be too harsh, but a clear top coat is just not strong enough!